hazzard comes to galax
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Southern Coating and Nameplate

"Great site Mark say hello to all your fans from rosco"

James Best - Actor, Writer, Painter



Now THAT dog'll hunt!! Yee Haa!!"

John Schneider - Actor, Writer, Director


"Finally, there is a web-site that maintains the integrity
of the General Lee at the level it truly deserves!"

Corey Eubanks - Top Hollywood Stuntman, Writer, Director


"Great Website Mark! Pee Wee did a good job. Love you!"

Your friend,

Al Wyatt Jr. - Legendary Hollywood Stuntman and primary stuntdriver of the General Lee in the TV series "Dukes of Hazzard"

Sadly we lost Al Wyatt Jr. in 2012. You can purchase a DVD of his memorial online here.